U.S. Robotics Gaming Solutions

For the latest U.S. Robotics online gaming solutions for use with gaming consoles* such as Xbox or Playstation 2, refer to the configurations below.

Our USR9003 SureConnect™ ADSL Ethernet/USB Router has been approved to work with Xbox Live!

Gaming Configurations

Wireless router with AP- Shared Internet

DSL router with wireless APs - Shared Internet

Wired Router - Shared Internet

Modem Direct - NO Shared Internet

USB Modem and ICS- Shared Internet

Direct Telephone - NO Shared Internet/phone

* Some game systems require additional accessories and/or services. Refer to your game system manual or the Web for specific gaming requirements or limitations.

Other Countries:
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  • UK
  • Middle East
  • All Other Europe

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    Access Point (AP)
    MAC Address
    Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
    Wireless Router
    Crossover cable

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    Wireless configuration English
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