USRobotics USR3453C
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Windows 7, 2008 Server, Vista, 64 bit and other Windows Compatibility Information
V.92 Upgrades

USR3453C Courier External 56K Modem Vista Drivers
USR5670 56K PCI Faxmodem Vista Drivers

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USRobotics is synonymous with reliable, easy to use, high-performance dial-up modems for the home and home-office. Those key characteristics continue to be infused into USRobotics' expanding line of business class modems for small- and medium sized business applications like POS (Point of Sale), remote management, and dial-back features. Our current product lines include: 56K internal modems; 56K external modems; 56K modem accessories.

Dialup 56K Modems

Courier 56K Business Modem - Mission critical dial-up connectivity for Business.

Dialup 56K Modems

56K* USB Controller Modem for Mac & Linux - high performance in a compact, flexible form factor.

Dialup 56K Modems

Embedded Business Dial-up Modems - ideal for embedded systems or buying in bulk for mass installations.

Windows 7 + Other OS

Windows 7

USB Controller Modem

USB Modem