Get Connected with 56K Modems

USRobotics modems include the features and reliable connections you need for surfing the Web or doing highly secure Business transactions. USRobotics offers all types of modems from controller based to winmodems as well as all form factors from PCI to USB to Serial. Mouse over the product options below to see how we can get you connected.

Business Modems

Powerful enough to meet the needs of large corporations, yet simple enough for small office use, our Business Modems are specifically designed for 24x7 environments. Featuring carrier loss redial, dial-back security and advanced USRobotics® line probing technology which identifies the most efficient route from your ISP or network to your computer, these award-winning products ensure secure, fast, reliable data transfers.

While modems are typically thought of as providing connections to the Internet (for customers that don't have broadband), there are many other data transport requirements where modems are ideal. Many Point of Sale (POS) applications for credit card and check verification use modems and because of the security, fast connection speeds, and reliability built into USRobotics modems they are usually the modem of choice. Multiple form factors like USB Controller modem and PCIe modem provide options for a variety of system architectures. Features like carrier-loss redial, used to re-establish a lost connection and dial-back security provide enhanced security for our business modems. And every USRobotics analog modem uses advanced line probing technology, so you'll achieve the fastest analog downloads possible.

Many of the external modems are used in POS systems around the world every day. The Internal Business modems are ideal for embedded systems or buying in bulk for mass installations. With modems available in external (Serial and USB), and internal (PCI low and standard profile) all with with fax capabilities, and even voice functionality, it is certain that we have a modem to meet your needs. And, if a serial modem, like our flagship Courier 56K Business Modem, is the best solution.

*Capable of receiving downloads at up to 56 Kbps and sending at up to 31.2 Kbps. Actual download speeds you experience may be lower due to varying line conditions. Requires compatible analogue phone line and server equipment.