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Keep your modem running at its peak performance level. To find upgrades, drivers and other helpful support materials and information, begin by selecting the product line below that matches your modem. Please be sure to have your product code handy. It may be required for some downloads. To find your product code, visit the Product Code Finder page.

Analog - External Dialup Modems
USR5633A, USR5635, USR5637, USR5686D, USR5686E, 005689-03

Analog - Internal Dialup Modems
USR5600, 3CP5610A, USR5610B, USR5610C, USR5660A, USR5670, 005689-03, 005699-00, 3CP5699A, USR5699B, 66XXXX, OEM products

Analog - Business Modems
3CP3453, USR3453B, USR3453C, 3CP3294

Analog PC Cards
3CCM756, 3CXM756, 3CP003056, 3CP003057

000698-13, 3CP3468A

Networking 11 Mbps
USR1120, USR2410, USR2450, USR8011

Networking 22 Mbps
USR2210, USR2215, USR2216, USR2249, USR8022

Networking Ethernet
USR997900, USR7900-01, USR997901, USR7905, USR7908, USR8000, USR8000A, USR8000A

USR6000, USR8500, USR8550, USR9000, USR9001, USR9002, USR9003

Windows 7 Looking for Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, 64 bit, or other Windows drivers? Check to see if they are already included in your operating system or available for download.

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