3CP3468A ISDN Pro TA



  • Configuring Windows 2000 for the Courier I and ISDN TA
  • Configuring Windows XP for the ISDN Pro TA
  • Configuring your Broadband Router for use with the ISDN
  • Install Instructions
  • ISDN TA Serial
  • Manuals and other Documents

    Drivers and Firmware
    Windows 2000 installation file
    Copy this file onto a blank 3.5-inch disk. Click Windows Start, point to Settings, and click Control Panel. Double click Phone and Modem Options, click the Modem tab and remove all instances of the ISDN Pro T/A. Connect the ISDN Pro T/A to a USB port. If installing the ISDN Pro T/A on a serial port you'll need to restart your PC. Windows 2000 will install the ISDN Pro T/A as a Standard Modem. In the Device Manger, double click Standard Modem, click the Driver tab then click Update Driver. In both cases, direct the New Hardware Wizard to the 3.5-inch disk drive to complete the installation. This file should not be used with any other products.
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