USR5686D (005686-04), USR215686D -220 (215686-04) 56K V.92 External Faxmodem

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  • Troubleshooting "no dial tone" error message
  • Internet Call Notification (ICN) Available Downloads
  • Configuring your Broadband Router for use with Analog Modems
  • V.92 FAQs
  • V.90 Technology
  • CommWorks HiPer DSP and DSP Multispan server code
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    Drivers and Firmware
    Win 95/98/NT INF file
    Copy this file onto a blank 3.5-inch disk. In Control Panel, double-click Modems and remove all Sportster modems. Shutdown the computer, connect and turn on the modem, and restart the computer. When prompted, insert the disk and choose "Driver from disk provided by hardware manufacturer" or "search for the best driver" and click OK. Direct the installation to search the 3.5-inch disk. Select the USRobotics 56k fax external and then follow the prompts to finish the installation.
    USR5686D.inf 53 KB 11-16-98
    Windows 2000 Universal INF
    Copy this Universal INF file onto a blank 3.5-inch disk. When prompted for the driver during the installation, select "Have Disk" and direct the installation to the 3.5-inch drive. Select mdmusr01.inf from the 3.5-inch disk and follow the prompts to finish the installation.
    mdmusr01.inf 59 KB 06-02-00

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