005689-03 56K External Faxmodem for Mactintosh



  • Technical Reference Guide for Sportster 56k faxmodem for Macintosh computers in Word 6.0 format
  • Smith Micro FAQ List for MacComCenter
  • MacComCenter FAQ
  • V.34 & V.8 Explained

  • Manuals and other Documents

    Drivers and Firmware
    USR Universal Script
    This script should work with all USR Courier and Sportster analog modems (including 9600, 14400, 28800/33600, x2 and v.90 modems) as well as the Courier I-Modem. You can use it with ARA 2.x and OT/PPP 1.x. Read the file "Read Me First" in the archive for more information.
    usrara.hqx 38361 bytes 03-27-98
    Stuffit File Expander in self-extracting format
    stuffit.sea 94464 bytes 04-11-97
    MegaPhone 2.0 for the Sportster Voice for Macintosh
    This is the final version of MegaPhone 2.0 for the Sportster Voice for Macintosh. This install adds the ability to create up to 10 mailboxes. You must have a USR Sportster Voice to use this program.
    megap20.hqx 5005942 bytes 11-22-96
    ARA Client 2.0.1 for the Mac - Utility to assist with ARA connections. You can have multiple phone strings and other features
    araclien.bin107392 bytes 06-13-96

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