005699-00, 215699-00 PCI Winmodem



  • Troubleshooting "no dial tone" error message
  • Received 3cmlink.exe error message
  • 3Com USRobotics modem drivers listed in Windows 2000
  • Windows 95 Troubleshooting Guide
  • HyperTerminal Setup: Checking your Modem using HyperTerminal

  • Manuals and other Documents

    Drivers and Firmware
    Windows 9x Installation files
    Extract the install files onto an empty, formatted diskette and follow the installation instructions that were included with your modem. This file should NOT be used with any other product.
    569900w.exe502328 bytes 03-18-99
    Windows NT 4.0 Installation files
    This file only works on computers running Windows NT 4.0 with the 00569900 PCI Winmodem. Insert a blank 3.5-inch disk into the appropriate drive. Double-click the file in Windows Explorer and the file will self extract to the 3.5-inch disk. Run the Setup.exe file from the newly created disk.
    569900nt.exe688795 bytes 03-18-99

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